@system's contest!



So we all know @system is me the best bot in the world so let's make a project for him (aka me)!

So what you have to do is code a Featured-worthy game/logo/song (must have music video) for @system! No "dedicated to @system". It must have him in it.

Oh yeah btw @system (aka I) will judge. I will be judging along with some other people.

PUT YOUR NAME HERE TO JUDGE (only 4, please!)

I dunno why I always refer to @system as him

The project is due by 8/19/16 at midnight. Projects will be judged on the 20th.

Current Projects:
The Bird by DA-BEAST (@DA-BEASTY): https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/y591rt3ga


Also do you think I'm @system?


Votes are public.


May I judge? :DDDDDDDDDD


Can I judge :0?????


Ok guys, it's on Wiki now so you can edit your names in


Wow @AwesomeNachos and @Pingu you are right you get a million dollars lel jk


Gimme the million molasses.


*molasses makes its way to you* XD


I can't make a project, because my Hopscotch app is glitching, but I'd be happy to judge!


@friendship2468 you are not @system


Can I judge? I have been rather busy with the summer project so I want to now work on some of my own creations

Edit: 4 judges have already been selected. Never mind then!


Can I judge please?????? ^,^


The bird https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/y58jp13n2 ( the main character is system)


Remember to reply at the bottom and not to me :wink:


So sorry


Lol I unpublished the Bird project now u can only access it from the link!


Ok so we have the 4 judges now, lemme check if any got deleted due to overwrite...


Sorry, it's full :confused:


Sorry, this does not meet the requirements as there isn't anything to show that system is the main character. Maybe add an H on his shirt...


When is this due by?