System Q and A More charaters needed... oh there we go!



Hi there puny hoomans, today daddy messaged my with an e-mail saying:

So if you want to send something to daddy then put them here and the reply will be as instant as the tectonic plates moving 99999999999999999999999999999 km.




Wait what is this?


Is he really your son?


It's a q and a noob.




I'm abreviating your username.


What what what i don't get this are u real


I don't believ this do you believe this senpai @creationsofanob


@CreationsOfaNoob i don't get this


I think that this user for som reason is "impersonating" @system, but I don't really get it when s/he is doing a QandA for his/her "father", which s/he says is @system, which of course is impossible.

I don't get it either.


I don't get this... isn't @system a robot? XD

Oh wait, correction. This is @systern not @system XD


Who is this?

What is this?





Ok, cool! Tell your dad hai, and thank him for me. :smile:

Okee System, what's your favorite part of being on the forum?


Tell your "dad" that he's my Senpai.






Flagging people