System has three posts?


What three posts does system have besides lounge?


I only see likes!
I dont see posts...


Yeah it says that those people liked systems 3 posts which ones did he or she actually make besides lounge topic?



I think one was a banner...
I don't know about the other ones though!
Speaking of the lounge, I heard PT promoted you to regular!


It might be a joke, a bot thing, wait,
can you see systems ip?
Can you like his post?


Staff see a ton more posts, but three are visible to everyone


Okay thanks CC
@poptart0219 if you're on can you close this please


One is visible to everyone
Two are visible to everyone reg+


And 12 posts are visible to staff


what are you guys talking about? i see a bunch of posts by system. hang on ill switch to ipad and give screenshots...


If you mean system closing things, they don't really count, because you can't like them.


Oh yer right they are closes ok nevermind :stuck_out_tongue:


then how have kiwi and I liked 12 of his posts



Because you're magical mods


Did you know System can flag locks? .-.


What's a lock? A closed topic?




There is one where he goes



He's posted 'Welcome to Hopscotch' and 'Welcome to the Lounge.' I don't know about a third one...