Well, it's simple, really.

Okay! So, System i just THT undercover. @system may be evil to you, but Think again. Liza is there. Rodrigo works there with Liza. All other members of THT are behind system. Think about it! System could be all of them, or just an Artificial-Intelligent robot inside the computer. One of my big ideas, is that i think @system could be an account that stays on all the time, and Liza or someone else who is behind system could just go to a topic and close it(which is really all that @system does).
I hope you enjoyed reading this topic >:DD


WARNING: this is a joke XD
Also, someone put the tag list i am too. Lazy.


First like! Cool theory!


Thanks! Part of it was an actual theory and the other parts were my imagination


I can't believe this!:weary:

I feel better now.:slight_smile:

But really, I could believe that. Nice theory and I like how thought out you made it.:grinning:

I think that @System was programmed to close a topic when there are too many flags and the topic has reached over 10,000 replies. I think that THT may have access to go on systems profile. It's just my guess.:slight_smile:


THT might have access to log onto system, but I'm pretty sure it's just an AI system built inside the forum. I'm pretty sure THT can access it, because system's profile picture is a Hopscotch Logo, and discourse wouldn't program a Hopscotch logo into all the forums with system.


It's just a AI system. It's not run by THT. They don't have time to play practical jokes. I don't agree with this theory.


But then how does System talk to Hopscotchers? I think it is partly automatic and partly THT.


Nah, system's fully AI. What'd be an example of when it's talking to Hopscotchers?


I remeber I saw System talk to @Mathgirl! I will try and find it :upside_down:



Ooh, yeah, I remember that. That's when she was a leader and could edit system's posts :D

It's a joke they usually did in the drawing topics.


Ohh ok that makes more sense XD


XD. I dont think THT would actually say that stuff. Especially the top one. :laughing:


this is just a theory. A forum theory.
if anyone gets this reference you rock

Seriously, cool theory! :smile:


Dudey, did you just—


IT IS EVIL. Do not trust The Mad Bot. It will betray you by hiding all of your posts. It will crush your dreams.


Yes, yes I did. I watched all of them. XD


Thanks for your opinions!! I said part of this was fake, but most of it was a real part of my theory.


I get this reference so hard. HARD AS THE BLUE LIKE BUTTON (please get this joke)