Syncing between devices


Oh no! Can you tell me more about this bug? What exactly were you doing when the drafts didn't sync? Were you able to see them on one device but not the other? Were you online? Did you logout of the 1st account before logging into the second?

** I think that you need to close and reopen Hopscotch to load drafts that were saved on another device **

Thanks, @KVJ

Btw can we please have a syncing option @Liza? Like the green cloud that uploads drafts, but for syncing drafts between devices? It's just I lost a lot of my drafts recently due to having two devices which wouldn't sync…


It hasn't happen to me

Although my drafts keep duplicating


I had that bag before too @Liza
(2nd post)


A syncing option would be very helpful... Something that often happens is I have to publish to get certain drafts onto my iPad if I started on my phone and vice versa. Also, if I publish something on my iPad all the drafts stay on my phone (I deleted a lot recently). I'll try logging out in between, but syncing would help a lot.


Well I don't know about KVJ but when mine was deleted I tried logging out on one iPad and log in on only one iPad then it worked...

It happened when u are online.
I couldn't see projects in both devices.


@KVJ :00

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That's exactly it, I had loads of drafts on my iPad but only three on my phone once. Now I have like 10 drafts on my phone but some still wouldn't show up so I deleted them


Oh my woah it did! :joy:


I dun think I've had dis :bug:...

Nu sure tho :-: