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Alright, this is something I wanted to do for ages, so here it is:

crazygoat weekly tutorials!

Today I am going to show everyone blow-by-blow on how to make a symmetry drawpad, feel free to use this in any of your projects or extend it, I do not ask for credit but it would be helpful to put one, if you complete this tutorial can you please comment with link and (optional) screenshot!
alright, let's get started!
p.s. Like if you liked this tutorial, I'm not trying to beg for likes, I just want to know if people actually like this, otherwise I won't spend hours making this!

Part 1 - the basic drawpad

first, press the plus button on the bottom to create a new project:

now tap on "Blank Project"

press the gray "+" button on the top right corner and drag out "text"

when prompted with "set text" press cancel

add a new rule:

tap on "more"

Tap on "_____ is pressed

Tap "iPad"

Now tap on the arrow on the "drawing" section to expand

Drag out the "leave a trail" block

tap on the bubble next to color

tap on the color you want, I'm going to choose blue.

Now tap on the bubble near "width" and type in "5"

Remove the move forward block by dragging it out

drag the "set position" block into the "leave a trail" block

Tap on the bubble next to "X" on the "set position" block

tap values and tap the little arrow next to "text"

now press "last touch X"

now tap on the bubble next to "Y"

go to IPad's values and tap on "last touch Y"

Now get out of the rule by tapping the little "X" on the top left

add a new rule

Tap on "iPad is tapped"

Tap on the arrow next to movement to expand

Drag out the "set position" block

tap on the bubble next to "X" and then tap on values

Now put in "last touch X" for the bubble next to "X" and "last touch Y" for the bubble next to the "Y"

Now exit out of rule!

Part 2 - symmetry!

Drag out another text object

Press cancel

Add new rule

For "when" tap "____ is pressed"

Tap iPad

Expand "Drawing" and drag out "Leave a trail"

Tap the bubble beside "color" and chose the color you want, I am going to choose red

Now tap the bubble next to "width" and type in 5

Drag out the ""move forward"" block and drag in the "set position" block

tap on the bubble "X" and choose the "___ - ___" bubble in the bottom left corner

Now tap the first bubble on the "____-____" bubble and select the "____(divided by)_____" bubble

Now tap the first bubble in the "____(divided by)_____" bubble and select the variable "Width" in "Ipad's values"

Image is self explanatory (too long for me to explain)

Now tap the gray arrow next to "iPad's Values"

select the second bubble of the second Minus and select "X position", you should see "Text X position"

Tap on the first bubble of the second minus and tap the "____(divided by)_____" bubble on the bottom-left corner

(sorry, no picture)

Tap the first bubble of the third minus (the one we just put in) and select "width" in "iPad's Values"

Picture self explanatory (too complex to say in words)

select the bubble next to the "Y" and select "last touch Y" from "iPad's values"


  • smooth backgrounds
  • 3D
  • scenes / levels
  • Hi - five game


Again, thanks for reading!
So, how good was this, @Liza and any other people from hopscotch team? (sorry, I can't remember any other names now)

Hopscotch Tutorials!
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Wow, that's super helpful!


I know a simplier way of making this! But this is still an


tutorial @crazygoat!


It's TOOO long! Isn't it?


Took me 4 hours to make
let me say that again:

4 HOURS!!!


It's a bit long, but it is still very helpful with the screenshots and the step by step blocks!


yeah, had to first take the screenshots, edit the screenshots and then had to write it!


Did you guys actually read through ALL of this?
Did you?


woah, I just posted the 2 posts and it says 2 hours
Time zones, I guess!


I read everything in 2 minutes, I can read VERY FAST!


Yes I did! I'm going to include it in my OrangePad.
Can you make a tutorial on how to switch from mirror draw to normal draw? I understand if it's too complicated!


I'll try to work it out, If i can then, yes, I will make a tutorial on it!


I could make that!


I will make a topic for it, @crazygoat I will need to use your screenshots for the first parts of making the tutorial.


ok, I know how to do it though, and , can you credit back to me?
Like, a BIG cradit



Yes I will @crazygoat!


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Thanks, @seawolfwerehorse, I could of done that, it would have saved a lot of time, but what if this ability got deleted in the future? and, @Phase_Studios, can you please make the credit EXTRA big like:




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the old ones did get deleted, @seawolfwerehorse