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Buh bye!


Well, on my Random Stuff, it has a lock. Is it a bad thing?


Did you not understand what I said? That’s why there’s a lock. You can’t get in because your trust level is basic.


buh bye


Okay, sorry. :confused:


@_sylvia_H.S So do you like the logo I made you?


I haven’t been on Hopscotch. I just got my IPad back, i love it!


Sylvia, r u ok? U haven’t been talking to me that much.


Kind of. Still a bit down.


Have I upset u? I’m really worried about what I said.


I just need time for myself, please. Well, not off Hopscotch but I think I need time to adjust to what you said, is that ok?


Guys, we need to get going with this GT


Would you rather?

  • Eat everything but Can’t drink
  • Drink everything but can’t eat

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Eat everything but can’t drink cuz I don’t drink a lot of water anyway lol


Being able to do drink but not would give h ou a longer life than the opposite.


Hi! How is everyone?

I got to do a lot of work


Would you rather

  • Play Roblox
  • Play Minecraft

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You could probably live longer on just food then just water