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Hey! This is my General Topic and on this topic, I’ll be posting news, forum games and polls! For me, I want this topic to be fun and exciting. I got a game called The Chain. The aim is for someone to say one word and the next person to say something related to that item. I’ll say @ someone have your go. I don’t do art but I do coding quite a lot!

Please check out my game!

This is my latest one! My name is sylvia with two underscores ( before sylvia and after )

Please Tell Me What You Think!

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My first poll is favourite Season!

  • Summer!
  • Autumn!
  • Spring!
  • Winter!

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Summer is my favorite season, what is yours?


Summer. By far


I like all four seasons in different ways, really! I can’t choose one favorite season.


Hi, @_sylvia_H.S! How is your day? I’m @Cocoa_Viola. I’m pretty sure you have somehow heard of me.


Hey! I’m sorry but I haven’t heard of you! Are we friends? Well, that’s if you want to be!


Okay! Want to be friends? You are a great friend as I have seen you make peoples days! :smile:


Summer’s my favorite UwU


Oh, I’m sorry. It’s probably because I have been very inactive on Hopscotch lately. I do code and art for all kinds of things. You should at least see this!

Also, I would definitely like to be friends!


UwU OwO -W- 0w0
meme time


Let the memes begin…



When you watch CinemaSins
Me: UwU my life is a lie


My fav meme from now on lol


Everything Wrong With -------------- in ------ or less


I’m sorry for turning this GT into a meme playground…


WINTER FOREVER!!! Also, summer su.cks, I don’t tan just get darker. Then those dang bees will come to attack me.


Sure! Thank you so much for the compliment! I really enjoy coding, to help people and to make them smile. I just followed you on Hopscotch, by the way! You have made really great projects so far, especially for being new! :slight_smile:


It’s okay! I don’t mind. :slight_smile: