“Switch” News & Beta Testing

This is Specifically News for Switch, and Beta Testing!

@TeamThirteen! This is the link: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/119fq6avn5

Please give feedback, and advice!

Currently on update 1.2

What is to come:

More objects
More levels
Mirror mode (you’ll find out what that means)
And Some other stuff I won’t say?

Any suggestions?

  • I’ll beta

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Oh yea I’m soo gonna beta for this


I can barely pass level one


You and me both. Will be easier on a larger device…


I am playing on my laptop though…


I updated the leaderboard! 1 new level will be added today!

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Nope, not a level today, it will be one early tomorrow tho! Expect very hard stuff, and new objects!

Guys breaking news!

I will be adding “Ghost Mode” to my game.

That basically means that whatever your highest score is, I will add another player and you will race that time. If you still don’t understand, look up Ghost mode on a game like Mario Kart

This will most likely add this in 1.5

Ok, tomorrow I will add 3 levels! For the next level (a boss level) you will have to jump on the boss! I will not be showing a visual representation

The boss level very hard :confused:

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Um you want a shortcut?

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Uhhhhh I got

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Yes? And no. Maybe make a poll?

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No no no, it’s already in the game

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I think I know where is the shortcut

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I tagged you there, you don’t even need to follow some of the paths!

I got a better one, 37.26 secs

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Ok! Nice! Please tag me in like 20 minutes with that score so I won’t forget!

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Sorry! Here is the score! 37.26 secs

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New update!


New level - (Boss Level)

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