Swipe Down Game Rule Bug


I first noticed the bug with these two projects:

App Versions this bug affects: 3.30 and above
WebPlayer Versions this affects: 26 and below (old editor/webplayer)

The bug: The swipe down rules does not work in projects using the old webplayer

I first noticed this when I saw my project removed from game changers due to its loss in functionality in the swipe to restart system, as the swipe down stopped working. I was also informed that “Swipe” by @William04GamerA was also broken because of this glitch. The weird part about this is that the other directions work (swipe up, left, right), but this swipe down does not trigger the event.

@Ana @awesomeonion


Hmmm…@Rodrigo, any idea?


I thought that this was a bug in my code, but I was unable to locate its source. You are totally correct, thank you for pointing this out!


Thanks! We are looking into this.


Whoa, good find. It was a typo in our code! It will be fixed in the next release.


Great! Thank you for fixing this quickly.