Swift on Hopscotch



Hi all,
I was thinking about coding swift in hopscotch, you’ll be able to program regularly but on hopscotch! This will be the collaboration topic about swift and how I will implement it on Hopscotch.

Thank you!

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Sounds fun.
Could I join/help?
If you need more people


Yes sounds good! Awesome!

@SarcasticTvHead [Linko]


How will you do text coding if there’s no keyboard input in Hopscotch?


ThinBuffalo keyboard method


First I will make a keyboard in Hs using a premade project


Is the Jefrery The Legend topic appropriate since it was actually about coding projects in Hs?


I’m not very good a swift, but this sounds interesting.


hey could I join too? I love swift!


Sadly nope.
We have 1 giant projects updates topic and that stuff should go in it


yee, if you want here is the link @JonnyGamer


So you are going to make a compiler for swift on hopscotch?


So in the project you can code Swift or in the Editor


Sounds like a good challenge, I’m on.
Have you thought about using another language though, like an interpreted one instead of a compiled one?


What if we did Machine Language instead that should be a lot easier since it is a lower level language

But I have to learn Machine Language first

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