Swedish topic! Learn Swedish!



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In this topic can you learn Swedish! Just write a word/sentence and I will write it in Swedish! If someone are from Sweden so please help me to translate all word/sentence!
Swedish players:

Please write if you are from Sweden so you can help me!


Some easy words in Swedish:
how are you-hur mår du
I like hopscotch-jag gillar hopscotch


Oooh I am curious! I remember you are all from Sweden @BB-Box, @CreationsOfaNoob and @William04GamerA :smile: I am wondering how you all seem to write English great :open_mouth: (I notice little difference at all compared to a native English speaker)

Sweden sounds awesome...


Thanks :D
We do learn english at school, but I actually think I've learned a lot from Hopscotch too.


Really that's so cool I learnt expressions from the forum!


Are you from an English-speaking country?


Nope I'm from Japan!
I started learning English four years ago!
Oh I have a friend who speakers Swedish btw


Ok, that's cool!
Do you learn english at school too, or have you been teaching yourself?


I go to a British school!
I don't live in Japan I live in Europe! (I'm not gonna say where or why because 1 it's obvious why and 2 I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say this)
I'm moving back to Japan though (this summer :tired_face::sob:


Some Swedish words I know
1. Ja
Tack så mycket


I have an idea on learning. I got curious and searched up a free course on learning Swedish, but I think I would love to learn by example casually, as you probably do from reading posts in English :smiley:

This was an old topic that I revived :upside_down: If you are still interested in running this @BB-Box, I have an idea — each sentence you say in English, you could put the same in Swedish underneath :thinking:


I would love :heart_eyes: to do that in Japanese :thinking:


Oooh that is awesome, I learnt a bit of Japanese a while ago but all I remember now is how to translate Katakana — it comes in handy though :joy:


:laughing:lol there are 3 letters in Japanese
1. Katakana
2. Hiragana
3. Kanji


Varsågod :D


Mitt namn är Mayu/@Hermione


Ohh I see now, @CreationsOfaNoob :smiley:

Swedish Language
In Swedish orthography, the colon is used in a similar manner as in English, with some exceptions: the colon is used for some abbreviations, such as 3:e for tredje ("third") and S:t for Sankt ("Saint"), and for all types of endings that can be added to numbers, letters and abbreviations, such as a:et ("the a") and CD:n ("the CD"), or the genitive form USA:s ("USA's").[53]

I noticed you use colons for 1st, 2nd, 3rd but didn't think much about it; now I see — I did not know this at all!

I was just curious about the origins of the Swedish language (e.g. languages classified as Romance languages have histories in Latin as an example, and I was wondering about Swedish) and happened to come across this.


And a revive begins.


Wait that isn't the case in english?


Wow this is amazing, yeah in English it is just 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on, or sometimes you may see it as superscripts like this: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th

And wow I just came across the grammar section of the Wikipedia page (I love grammar :heart_eyes:) It sounds like nouns and adjectives in Swedish have gender? That's cool :slight_smile: