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Also I have an oc named Nightmare Slime, this is the, Uncorrupted

And I think I mentioned how they were corrupted, they looked like the first slime in Slime Dodge 3, you know like King Corruption without the extra red designs and the crown.
Corrupted or Uncorrupted he has space powers that’s why I mentioned it


I have some slime designs

One of them is a sheep


Cool! Feel free to ask me if you need help with anything.


I will definitely use Space Sheep, and Star Slime, i really like those two.


Thank you, I’ll tag you if i need anything lol,


… ummmmmm, what even is this


I must say this,
Go do the following:


@Hopscotcher already did that here lol


Oh, sorry about that


its ok lol hope you get it


@Hopscotcher and @CoderOfMagic, check the NinjaBearGames drafts for Slime Dodge 3 basics I guess.


It’s awesome! But maybe keep a score counter so people have a reason to play the game again and again!