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Salsa run?
Lol wat


… salsa run?? o btw ima follow u with the password k




done lol tell me when u get the notifications


Got it!
And yes you are in it lol


lol i was so surprised lol, cool u got in , also @MewtwoCreator thinks we should make slime dodge 4, in space @Hopscotcher @CoderOfMagic what do ya think




kk ill load in a draft for it soon, it was first day of school today we got homework


mate, it was the first day of school? It’s a Sunday!
(I know you live in New Zealand so it’s ok)


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ok lol done, why thooo


yo hopscotcher i dont have acsess to ya genral…


let me fix that


oh btw how do i become a regular(i got in ya genral so its fixed)


look it up I gtg


@William04GamerA @MewtwoCreator, you two wished to be notified about future updates, here we are, SlimeDodge 4: Space Dash will be released soon if anyone wishes to join the collab notify me, @MewtwoCreator if you wish to design some slimes post it all here,



im super bored oof, any fam on?


Here’s a vid that I liked to watch when i was small UwuUWuUwU




Ok, let me make some designs then…