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random fact i have gotten 2 other features on and acc called LB 53


I’ve seen.


ye thats fine ill do it now


kk done gave the pass


I think I have to wait a bit for the notification to come in.


ye u do, the hs team should make the delay go away if they can


I got it m8 you should change the username to something normal now.
“SnorkelingElephant92848” is a good one because it looks like it’s randomly generated.


scratch all that’
wrong timing
i dont have to go in ages when ill do ill tell ya tho
(btw how do i become a regular?)


I just published saying “I’m in -Said no one ever.” lol :joy:.
But why do you have so many drafts?


idk lol i just do, i abandon alot of things without deleting them


lol should i tell people?




ive got to go byeeeeeeeee!!!


that ya in ma accc, lol


ok bye :wave:




I totally agree with you
At least you aren’t too dumm.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Why not!

Is it your game, or can we all add a special touch?
NinjaBearJump sounds like you made it all by yourself lol


ye ikr, we need something catchy, something, cooooollllllll.