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lol your codings better than my art


give me an example. I don’t know what could possibly be on my profile that would be better than your art.


you’ve gotten 5 features m8.


your keep it up and No! and Yes! are GREAT GAMES! i could never make a game like Yes or No


oh well I was inspired by nim. It wasn’t that great. Keep It Up wasn’t a bad one tho.


i was thinking maybe u wanted to do a collab with me for new game im workin on ‘NinjaBear Jump’
with @CoderOfMagic and @Awesome_E (if they wanna help)




cool lol, u know that jumping man thing you made? i was thinking like that except there are platforms moving across screen and you cant bump the edge
Edit: With other features (just cant think of any rn)


Instead of “NinjaBear Jump”, which doesn’t roll off the tongue very well, what about a different name?


yea thats what i was thinking it sound very good and when i typed it i was like ‘what’


I’ve made something similar to that project but with full 2D. Is it this mechanic but with moving platforms?


but I make good games very rarely tho


yes like that! except ye the platforms move the characters a bear,and u cant touch the edge, your timed, and other features that idk yet


Yes. Just the 2D mechanic stays the same. I just played it (since it’s kind of old) and I might need to do some work on it since it’s really shaky.


yeah also for collab do u want acsess to ma acc (if u dont abuse it lol)


Yeah, sure. I’m not the kind of person who does that, so don’t worry.
(I gtg)


okey i will follow u with an acc named withe the pass k?




I have to back up all my projects though so I don’t lose them