Sustained notes+more notes

A feature I’d like to see in Hopscotch is: more advanced note selection for sounds, as well as being able to sustain notes

I’d use it for this type of project: anything music related, just ask gwetv

Here are some examples of Hopscotch code that could be improved if we had this: any mashups or music. One of my projects that could be improved:

Here is an example design I’ve made: just something I sketched. Top of the image is before you tap more, bottom is after.

I’ve seen something similar in another programming languages, it looks like this: scratch has something just like it.

@GweTV this is what I was working on :))


very d’indeed goodeth idea – instruments






Hey @Leaders
Just bringing up a concern that I would rather not have everyone see, is it odd to you that old users are getting back on, as well as cute dolphin getting hacked or was impersonating someone all this time? I think something big is about to happen. Any thoughts?

That’s quite possible, thanks for sharing MC. We’ll look into it – FP


Great idea with such an innovative design!
Never realized about middle C! Great catch!


Sorry about this but I need to reach out rn…
I’m going through a lot of stuff rn, and I’ve been beating myself up emotionally and I feel like I don’t deserve anything or anyone at all, and it’s hard… Idk how to handle this, and it’s hard having a voice in your head saying you are worth nothing
Aww this post was from my bday haha :). Hey, hugs. I’m sorry to hear you have that voice in your head, it’s so painful right? Dude if you didn’t deserve anything or anyone, then I think others would be able to recognize that, and we wouldn’t be here as we are for you rn. When did you start having this little voice? Also really, don’t be ok?
I’ve always had the voice, it’s helped me through school but apparently now it doesn’t like me. I’ve cried myself to sleep every day this past week and idk what to do
:c. Dude you deserve so much better, maybe the voice is like your mind saying “fight back at me!” I’ll do my best to help, just think I may have a breakdown tonight so welp. What are the things that make you happiest; how about her?
I don’t know. I might have said something wrong because she won’t talk to me, like the failure I am
Also, I’m sorry you have to go through what you are, you don’t deserve it
Okay. Well, how long has it been? And dude, you aren’t a failure at all. Seriously. You’ve never failed in brightening up my day haha, so that automatically makes you a winner in my eyes. Thanks. Dw about me tho lol
I do worry about you, your happiness is much more important than mine
thats really not the case, the other way around is. How tell me, what’s been going on recently. Also hug?
I would love an irl one, but I’ll take all I can take
Well, I have no idea what is going on with my friend, I keep blaming myself for everything, and my brain is reminding me of all my failures and shortcomings… it’s really hurting me but idk how to help myself…
You happiness is much more important than mine, at least equal to mine
You deserve so much better than this, really. Well, what are the things you’re grateful for? And what makes you happy? I can give you things that you’ve achieved lol, cause Ik plenty. Fine you win, lol
I always win at these things
I don’t know, I’m just sitting here yelling at myself for all of my failures
Ik you do. See, you won this! Well, the trick is to try and find the positive part of the situation, and with the power of your mind you can help try to flip the situation for you. Is there anything making you feel this way in particular?
I’m pretty sure it’s my ability to throw myself into crazy amounts of guilt and I messed up and made a friend uncomfortable, and now I’m here
Well you’re pretty popular here if I may say so haha. I really look up to you dude, and I’m sure if they’re a true friend you’ll find a way to sort it out, let me know if I can help at all, please.
Here is something you can do
Let me talk to you about what you are going through, helping others makes me happier:)) I’m here for you silv

Am i popular? I don’t think so…
Well to me you are haha. It’s just memories mainly rn tbh.
Same, is there anything I can do?
nah, don’t worry about it, but thank you so much. Anything I can do for you?
I do worry about it which is why I’m asking. Not much you can do, I just need to find a way to distract my mind tonight
Reading always helps me, or just coming on here to talk about random stuff does as well. There isn’t anything you can do, but thank you.
Are you absolutely sure? I’m sad cause I don’t have a good book to read, I finished the series I got for my birthday almost 2 weeks ago
I am, nothing’ll change what happened. Hmm, what kinda books do you like?
Just about everything I can get my hands on, I love reading lol

Something else was in my dream… There was an odd part where there was a machine that fixed people’s brains, but for whatever reason I did not want to go near it. like at all
Also now no one will respond to the texts I’ve sent
Oh wow okay. Well, idk if the dream means anything, but I think they’ll reply soon. Same happens to me too :slight_smile:
It’s been 3 days tho… And I’ve got literally nothing back.

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Yes, ask me

folder so it's smaller

Last night was hard, I’m pretty sure I had a emotional breakdown

Awww why? What happened?

Something set me off into overthinking and self depreciation and I saw everything bad about myself and it was horrid…

:(( more than half of that stuff is probably wrong and inaccurate dude. For all the bad you saw, try to think of at least one good to counter it. If you can’t, think of how someone else would counter it.
That’s an excersize that can help sometimes, give it a try.

I can’t think of anything go tho rn…

tell me then and I’ll disprove.
But seriously, try to list at least 5 good things about yourself.
I’ll do my best to help but if it’s this bad, you really may wanna think about getting a professional… I’m not one to recommend it cuz I’m personally not a fan but it gets results for most and it’s definitely better than anything I or another leader can do. Like i said in my long post, there’s only so much we can do, even with all of our experiences.
I’m obviously gonna help and keep talking to you because you’re my friend, but if it doesn’t get better, you may wanna consider it, just saying

My parents won’t support that… but I feel like I’m worthless and don’t deserve anything, I feel alone with how I feel, I feel like no-one will help me irl

You aren’t worthless and you deserve a lot dude. You’re not the only one that feels like that, that’s how I feel most of the time, and I know others that feel the same. If that helps.
Poeple will help irl if you ask and talk to them. They can’t help if they don’t know there’s a problem or what’s going on

I just hope school will help, but it’s hard for my mess of a mind to accept that people accept me
We accept you, MC, and we care

I feel like I don’t deserve it tho

You do deserve it. You’re a human that’s done nothing wrong. You haven’t done anything to not deserve it. We’re all human and at the end of the day, we’re all mad each of the same thing. Inside, we’re all essentially the same. And we all deserve our basic rights; those include love and acceptance.
Even if you’ve done something seriously bad, you still deserve those basic rights. We as humans owe it to eachother to respect those rights, and in turn, respect those rights and give them all they entail. That means accepting you and caring.
Remember my quote? “What’s done is done. What you’re gonna do next is all that matter”? It’s about second chances, and I give everyone one, no matter what you’ve done. I’ll still make an effort, because I strongly believe that everyone should get one, just like that everyone should get those basic things.
So in my eyes, you deserve this from everyone, just for your basic existence. Now, knowing you, you’re really awesome dude. You’re kind, caring, sweet, smart and a billion other things. Above all, you’re a genuinely good person. For that, you deserve more than just acceptance and basic care.
So accept it

I’ll try… It’s hard to do when I’ve gone through what I have, not just the past few weeks, but my entire life… I’ve been bullied most of my life, beaten down, and I’ve tried to hide my pain, but it’s hard now… I’m feeling everything I should have earlier in life…

i get it. More than you think I do. If you wanna tell me specifics ,i can offer advice I guess.
BuIIies do what they do because they feel bad about themselves, and project their feelings about themselves out to their vîctims. So just know that whatev they said or did wasn’t meant for you, it was for them and a projection of how they feel about themselves.
Get back up. Stand up for yourself. Don’t let them beàt you down. Fîght back.
Find an outlet. Hiding pain never ends well. Trust me, I’d know. bitter laugh. But hey, at least you’re feeling. Find a way to channel out the pain in a healthy way.
Too many feelings can be overwhelming, and that’s why outlets are necessary and work so well

The thing is, it was 4 years ago… and I can’t seem to find a way to outlet… I’m such a mess

you aren’t a mess.
What are some things you like doing? What are things that make you happy?

I like using my sword, coding, drawing, but I lack motivation to do these things, and if I do things on my own I put myself down even more… I try to talk to people but I fail
if it makes you happy, it shouldn’t be motivation enough… you seriously probably should get a professional…
How do you find yourself putting yourself down even more? Why do you fail at talking to people? How do the convos normally go? Why do you think this is?

I just cant keep a conversation going… Some people don’t reply, some cut me out of their lives… I’ve really got to find a way to calm myself down…

thats a start I guess. If you answer the other questions, I can give you specific advice

I’m just alone and my mind reminds me of things and says I’m worthless…
I don’t know…

thought we’d already established that you’re not alone or worthless
I don’t care how hard it may be to get it, but find a way to get professional help. Seriously. I really think you may need it MC. I’m sorry and i h.a.t.e to say it, but I really think that may be best.
You’re kinda shutting me out and if I don’t know what’s going on, I can’t help. No matter how much I want to or try , I can’t. And there’s stuff you cant tell me because we don’t know eachother irl. That’s stuff you can tell people on helpIines or irl. So they’ll know what’s wrong and can actually fix it.
There are people you can call/text 24/7 and websites you can go to. Try to sneak on one of them during school or something.
The best I can do is offer advice from personal experience, and i really don’t think that’s helping. I’m sorry but there’s really only so much I can do.
I’m still gonna be here for you and be a friend, but if you’re not getting better and this keeps going on, please get actual help or something.

I’m sorry… Idk what’s going on either… and the thing is, I don’t open up to just anyone… I really have to know them to open up to them
people will understand. Go to one of those texting helpline thingis and explain that you need to talk but need to really get to know them first. They’ll take the time to go through that process and then they can help
Don’t be sorry, I know how hard it is. And I honestly get you and what you’re feeling. You probably don’t believe that, but I do. And trust me on this. It’s hard, but it’ll be worth it. You’re strong enough to do this and you’ll pull though.
But you need to make an effort and take those first steps.

I’ll try… I just don’t feel comfortable tho… I’ll try. I do believe you fear, and you have helped a lot, it means a lot to me. Imma take a quick break after you reply, try to calm myself down a bit

youve gotta leave your comfort zone eventually, and this is as good a reason as any. Better, actually, because the longer this goes on, the worse and harder it gets. Like taking off a bandaid, yank it off immediately, even if it hurts. Short term páin is better than long term.
I’m glad I could help, even tho you probably h8 me now lol. It’s not easy to hear someone, especially a friend, tell you something like that (that you need help)
Go cool down, and I’m here if you need anything else or even just wanna talk :))

Nah I don’t hate you, I have no reason to. I’ll talk to you later, imma get off for a bit

thanks ig.
Cya later, and I hope you feel better


No problem!
Oh okay, my bad oops.


Nope you are good, what you said was correct lol

@mindcool24. These might help:
ffdp: inside out
ffdp ft Rob Halford: lift me up
ffdp: wash it all away
Ik it’s just one band but these songs sometimes help when I’m down and I know music helps you too so just passing it on ig

Thanks, I’ll look those up, I really appreciate this:)

Np. I gave you links to the vids lol, no need to look them up
I don’t have access to the vids, restrictions.
Added to my playlist, thanks:)

Oh oof right sorry.

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We could also use something like this:


Last nights I started blaming myself again, didn’t go well, I’m just kinda here rn, idk what to feel

Aww. That’s not fun I’m sorry. How have you been doing today?
Sorry for not replying yesterday, I was busy
Yesterday was eh, I was forced to go to a ballroom thing for my brother and got hit with memories of why I quit ballroom and saw some of the people that made me want to quit. It wasn’t the best…




Now did you catch my reference? Lol


nope. not lol


Ok… ·_· in an old programming language, it said to caution against using a certain frequency because if would cause chickens heads to explode


oh. ok.


Sorry for the overly obscure reference lol

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it’s fine.

if you ever need a block model, just tag me because I have a super easy template

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