Suspended? Why?


So I'm just wondering, how are people suspended? I've noticed a lot recently- and that's bad! Just more people are becoming suspended. When I first joined the forum, I didn't know anyone who was. But now, a month later, I can name a lot of people. So why? How and why are people suspended? And why is this amount of people growing? It's not good guys! What's going on with our community?!?


They May Spam, Type Innopropriate Stuff, Ext.
P.S. When You First Joined The Fourm I Think You Could Say My Name Correctly Fast.


Leaders, moderators, and administrators can suspend people for inappropriate behavior. When I first joined, there wasn't a problem with spam and bullies. But I guess the fourm community is growing bigger, and it attracts more people who don't use the forum right.


I already made a topic about this but yeah....


Here's the people I know are suspended

And @codelife


They are suspended because they are doing a consistent number of bad things that don't help the community in any way. Only Moderators and Admins can suspend, not regular leaders (not that there is anything wrong with them :wink:)


Nothing's wrong with our community, it's just a few people who do bad things that have to get suspended for a bit. Kinda like a time-out in kindergarten, I guess. You wouldn't want spam or hate all over the forum, right?

I've said is before, and I'll say it again. This community is amazing. The way we all support each other when things like this happens. It's great.

Okay, I'm ranting. I'll stop now :sweat_smile:


People are just being idiotic. It happens at times,many there were two at a time with this one! Rare! :laughing:


True I think @codelife has been a little bit mean!


As @Liza once said,
We shouldn't give this more attention than it deserves.

Let this topic go. I'm pretty sure the @moderators and @admins know what they're doing.


Yes me too @BuildASnowman @t1_hopscotch @Liza @Ian @Rodrigo @moderators please close is topic!


You got it, @Follow4LikesOfficial! Appreciate the concern this topic has generated, but I am going to close this thread so it doesn't continue to draw attention to the problem. Thanks!