Surprise Project...Revealed! Plus 2 contests!



Hi Hopscothers! As you all probably know, I'm obsessed. With Disney. And Hopscotch. So I had an idea to combine them!
I'm going to make a scrapbook!


I'm going to make a DisneyWorld scrapbook-on Hopscotch! If I'm successful, I'll have three pages (note-to a yearbook person, such as me, a page is a set of two pages, like when you open a book).

Why I'm Posting Here

This one has a couple of reasons. The first is that I've made a topic about the music contest for this game (although I called it a surprise game), and still the only participant was @XiaoMiaoMi (great music by the way). The other reason is because.....I need stuff to put in the scrapbook! Each page (individual page this time) will have three "photos." Some will be "screenshots" of top games, others will be text art. The rest? I will pick five, only five, Hopscotchers to make a minuscule model of in a "photo" with the background being their best game/art/project! I'm not doing first come first serve, I will actually select five out of whoever enters.

How I Will Choose

On March 10th, when Tony's comes out, I will choose the five. I will choose based on select criteria.
•Are you nice?
•Are you a good coder?
•Do you do more than RPs and chatrooms?
And, only if necessary,
•Is your best project easy to craft?

How to Enter

Form for Photo

Fill out the following to be considered!
Hopscotch User is...?
Are you nice?
On a Scale of 1-10, Where Does Your Coding Stand?
Do you do more than RPs and chatrooms?
What is your best project? link please!
Why do you think I should use you in my project?

Form for music

Answer the following to enter the music contest! Two more winners will be chosen!
Hopscotch User...?
On a Scale of 1-10, where does your music stand?

Thanks for being so supportive everyone!


will edit when new ones come up!

@XiaoMiaoMi -winner!


Here's a like! :heart::D


OKayro {shadow}
And kinda my best project is a starter's drawing pad
Umm I am your best friend or sumthin


I'm PopTart0219 and my hopscotch music is probably at a 7 :wink:


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Awesome! It's cool to have someone as, well, awesome as you do this @PopTart0219!


Shenpai notished meh...

Thanks for the compliment!


:relaxed: I think you accidentally called me senpai instead of you
You're welcome! So anyways, since you were my only participant, you are an automatic winner!


@Crazy_Crawfish Nope, u da senpai

And thanks a whole ton!!


There's no way you rated yourself that! You've gotta be 8-10! :smiley:


One thing to add @Intellection74-

Don't forget the last question!


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So you are entering the music contest @Fun_in_the_Sun?


You got onto featured or rising or trending or something but I have never been on anyof dem