Support Topic :D


Support :D

After recent events it came to my attention that we need a topic dedicated to people feeling sad, scared, hurt, etc. If for any reason you need a shoulder to cry on, or want to give some support, your in the right spot. Below we have a list of people looking for support. If you want to help someone out and make them smile, make them a project and post the link here. Make sure to tag them so they see. For additional information, read below.

For people in need of support:
Fill out the form below and ask to be added to the list of people in need of support. If your post has anything to do with suicidle thoughts, leave them out. Anything that is not appropriate for all audiences will be flagged. Here's the form :D

Breuf sentence on why I'm sad/upset/etc:
Things I like:
Favorite songs:
Favorite foods:
Favorite colors:

People looking to give support:
If your looking to give support, go to the list and look for someone to give support too. Click on their form to see what they like. Then, make a project especially for them. Afterwards, make a post here with a link to the project and a note about why there amazing and awesome :D

The People in Need of Support
Case 1: @Phase_Admin is sad for reasons not shared. He likes tortles and the song Let You Go: a Trak Remix, and he likes blue red and green. Support is appreciated!

Case 2: @Dude73 is sad about possible changes in where she will be dancing. She likes dancing, funny things and puns. Her fav songs are Try Everything and Brand New! She likes sushi croutons and sorbet! She has the same favorite colors as me (green and purple!)

Case 3: @smishsmash is sad for irl problems not shared. She likes Send My Love and Try Everything! Her favorite foods are mac and cheese, ice cream, clam chowder, buffalo chicken hummus wraps, sushi, and croutons! Her favorite color is yellow :3

Case 4:@Murphy1 is sad because sadness. She likes cats and the color orange :3 Support is greatly appreciated!

Case 5: @Explorer_ is disappointed in the lack of attention her projects get. She likes turtles, skating, swimming, tennis, Harry Potter and Star Wars. She also likes the songs Cake by the Ocean, and Cheap Thrills. She likes pasta and potatoes, and likes all colors.

Case 6:@Poptart0219 has just been feeling out of it and sad for no reason. She likes swim, her dog, art, and science stuff. She likes Rhianna and her favorite foods are pizza, breadsticks, ice cream, ramen, and chickfila. She likes the colors black, green and light teal.

Case 7:@Waffle_Draws is sad about a lot of things. She likes food, cartoons, bad puns, and drawing. She likes ramen and salt XD She likes red and black and really needs to find a better favorite song XD

Don't be sad! Be happy!
This topic was too similar to another and is being decided what to do with

I am sad because I am sad reasons that I don't like to share on a public forum.
I like tortles.
My fav song is Let You Go: A Trak Remix(The ChainSmokers)
Fav food.. So many good foods. Can't decide
My fav colors are blue red and green


I would love to support some people! :D

I like writing funny stories that make no sense. :P


You can have a turtle! :D

I hope you feel better soon! :D


@Phase_Admin I added you :3 Hopefully we can get you some support soon!

@Pingu yay! I hope this will be better for people than talking about being depressed on PT topic....


Username: ^^^
Why I'm sad: check out my latest topic
Things I like: dance, funny things, puns, and other stuff
Favorite songs: Try everything (shakira) and Brand new (Ben rector)
Favorite foods: SUSHI, croutons, sorbet
Favorite colors: green and purple

This is an awesome topic!


Thixs @Pingu.
I could need some moar support dough.
I just...



Your projects are amazing! :D


That's so upsetting! ;-;
I have almost no experience with something like that, but it sounds absolutely awful! D:

You are a truly amazing person and I hope you feel better! :D

If you ever need help, or anything in general, I'm here and I'll try my hardest to help you! :D


@Dude73 I'm so sorry about your dance studio stuff ;-; I went through something similar, but I can tell you something, it all worked out good in the end :D I don't have access to hopscotch right now, but I'm going to draw something for you in the morning <3

Good night everybody :D


Really cool topic! Thumbs up :thumbsup:


Thanks Pinny, that helped. It's so nice, this topic makes me feel so much better! You know, sometimes I need to let others help me, instead of trying to hide it. :)


No problem! :D

I'm really sorry that you have to go through that. D:

You are an amazing, wonderful, funny,
awesome, and cool fren! :D


Dudey, I hope you will feel better soon! You're an amazing person, very kind and supportive. :)


Bad, forever.
Forever a lone in my bed.


Oh I love sushi as well :smiley:

What did Sushi A say to Sushi B?
Answer: Wasabi!



I like this topic! I will support.


I'm so sorree to hear that Dudey! D:
It must be hard for you right now ;-;

I chose making you happy to be my personal mission in coding and made this for you! I hope it cheers you up, it took forever to make it :0

It's got all the things you like: dance (ballet), funny things, puns, Try everything (I didn't know the other song sorry XD), sushi, sorbet, croutons, green and purple :D


Smishy (Crazy_cake or Smishsmash)
I'm sad because irl problems I wont share. And because of too many of those problems going on for a long time I can't deal with change.
Favorite songs: Send My Love (to your new lover) By Adele :D and try everything :)
Favorite foods: Mac n cheese, clam chowder, icecream, buffalo chicken hummus wraps, sushi and croutons!
Favorite colors: yellow.


I'm happy to help anyone who needs help/a friend