Support Topic :D


You like Brand New by Ben Rector?

That's my favorite song! It's fright up there with "Top of the World" by Greek Fire (it's ok if you don't know the second song; I know no one who knows it)!

Doesn't it make you feel all happy inside? Like dancing on air?



She XD.

Me very depressed


Sorry, lol. I knew you were a she because you have the same name as me :3


XD, I have to go to depressing school bye bye


@smishsmash Are you depressed?


She's sad ;-; she's on the list, you can make her a support project if you want!


I will! But I can't rinaw I'm about to go on the train ;-; and it's late


It's 9:11 am where I'm at right now XD


Ye, I am sad and depressed ;-;


Oh noes





The rate of depression seems to be proliferating after that topic

Oh noes this is not good


I know ;-;

I never knew some others except for Malty had depression too :0 ;-;
It's rlly bad ;-; D,:




Oh wait you did never mind


Awesome topic!
@Phase_Admin, here's some blue :large_blue_circle:, some red :red_circle: and some green :pear:.
@Dude73 I also like sushi! Here's one: :hamburger: sorry that is a hamburger :sushi:!
@smishsmash Mac n cheese are yellow, but think of a normal cheese. What does it say when it looks in the mirror? HALLOUMI (Hello Me)
@Murphy1 If I told you a joke, so would answer "Are you kitten me right now?"

Anyways, I hope everyone on the list, and everyone that aren't good will feel better soon!

sorry if the puns aren't funny, I found them on the internet


Those r awesum xD


I had depression then I was like forget this I wanna be happy


I have depression and inm am trying so hard to be happy :)
But it's so hard for what ps going in my life rn ;-;