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About a week ago at the time of the 3D challenge, you probably saw an awesome 3D pencil, which is ThrilledPencil's logo. It is an awesome project, but for some reason, ThrilledPencil is being cyber bullied over it. The only information I know is in these to projects below (one by his sister, YummyHeart, and the other by we2fd.) If you know anymore information, please share it. Also, show ThrilledPencil your support by remixing Support?'s project called #StayStrongThrilledPencil. Uploading... Uploading...


That's so nice of you people to do that
Well done
I will support too


That's really nice of you to do! I don't think I'll remix the project, but I don't think cyber bullying is okay!

ThrilledPencil got cyber bullied most likely because the code wasn't his. There was a project created weeks before with the exact code. I don't think he did anything bad, but he didn't even credit the other project.


I agree with you,@MiNi; people should give credit if they use somebody else's code or idea (even if it says ftu.) You know those 3D ice cream things; several make those with the same code as others without giving credit, but I haven't seen them get cyber bullied. What is up with that?


3D pencil is very common


That's really nice! But I think i saw that project last year


Then, would you say all the Crossy Roads, the 3D ice creams, the pixel arts are all copies too?


No. I don't dislike the project.


ThrilledPencil hadn't been on Hopscotch long when he published that project, and I noticed he hasn't published anything since then.


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