Support teh qusids collab!


sold to @Alittlequsid



Anoune suport?

No peope?


I can't wunt wurk invite rundom peple @Caramel_Puffin?


You cant invite? Ok. I can if you want. Or you can just tag people. If you want me to invite ppl, just give me da names


Jut rundom ppl?! Cun you?


I will join I guess !


This topic is sold to @Alittlequsid. I have no idea what dis collab thing is. I think that they arent active anymore...


Oh ok! I will ask tomorrow!


Dont random invite, just use the OMTL. Those people want to get notifications.


Gonna tag some peeps to make this topic popular

@OnceUponATime FREN WHERE R U?!?!


Wut wut wut wut wut


Your awesome! And super popular!


Did i invite you again? Im so sorry!! Im gonna use the OMTL now...


Do you want me to use the OMTL?


No, that's not what I meant. ALittleQusid asked you to invite random people.


What's with all the invites @happyfacegirl? :laughing:



Why tag me?


Oh, ok. Im gonna let @Alittlequsid to invite/use OMTL now since this is now their topic. I am not watching this topic anymore.


@Alittlequsid asked me to. But we are gonna stop now and they can use the OMTL (cause those ppl actually want to be tagged) and im leaving this topic now cause its not mine anymore. <<that was a long sentence


Yeah it was lol...

Oh right... I'm on the OMTL anyway :joy: