Support passes on!


Hey I noticed people have been saying "I lost my support!"

Well if you really deeply think about it deeply you think of this "my support passes on!"

Now you may be thinking well @Huggingfluffybear what do you meen? Well I meen if you loose support think "is there any hopspctcher that got famous latley?"

Hmm well @SUPERSWAGGY lost there support HE says but I feel like she passed it on to me and if I were superswaggy I would think this "isn't great to see more people stepping up?

Yes it is!

And also maybe think of it's in that you lost support but you thought a hopspctcher on how to be a cool hopspctcher and have there own support!

This is what I would call the support chain!

It's kinda like the domino effect!

Think of it these ways and it will come across much better to you who is loosing support!

Bye, from the fluffy bear!

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I'm a boy
Nice topic


Thanks and you are a boy?? Oh my gosh that just changed life for me! What's the meaning of life now!