Super Spy Person


So....ever since I came back from Albania, I have been SUPER busy. 7th grade, drawing skill reputation, etc. WAIT!!!! I'm not leaving! I'm becoming an


So ye. I will wander about the forum and occasionally reply to something. Oh, and I AM quitting hopscotch. Not enough new ideas, and my school STILL hasn't updated, so ye. Sorry to all my friends, @Rainboom and @Jess888, and SO many more. So until then my fellow Hopscotchers. pulls ninja mask on I am NINJA
whooshes away in a fog.
fog clears and LotsaApples is still there
Grabs apple and runs away




Awwwwww I will always miss u my fren I will cry every time I eat an apple and I'm weird when I eat apples I bite faces into them so I will bite an apple crying next lol and post it here I do the tears with my thumb nail as my teeth r too big for that lol
Miss u always apples u r my hero


Ok, I'll miss you ;-;

I'm glad your not leaving! :D

See you in Ninja Forst, 5:00 sharp. >:D

Bai! :D


Omg lol I do that too XD


Ok kewl


Haha lol IKR mum says it's weird that I like my apple to smile at me



IKR but it's just cute having a delicious thing smile at you before you kill eat it XD