Super Soup(er) Simulator



Hey Hopscotchers! A few of us are working on a Super Soup Simulator. If you are a part of the ideas/coding crew, the Global Edit post is below. This topic was created to help organize our ideas :D

I’ll probably edit this post, too

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This post is on Global Edit
It is the main post for all of our ideas
Not all of them have been added yet, need some help

Super Soup Simulator

Run your own soup shop! Get popular and create types of soup while exploring a city. Gotta get that 5 star rating


Hub Area
The hub area is the main city place where you walk around and interact with things. You can also enter certain buildings, trigger mini games, complete quests, and search for ingredients
The City works like a loop. If you walk in one direction for a certain amount of time, you will be looped back around.

Soup Shop

Market / Grocery Store-Buy ingredients for your soup

Workplace-Hire new workers to work at your restaurant

Billboard (Bill’s Board XD) ← news, hints, idk

Bus Stop-Fast Travel Point

Interactive Stuff:
Garbage Cans
• Jump in a garbage can to trigger a minigame (dumpster diving)
• Raccoon in a can (boss-ish mini game) (or this could mean that certain can is closed)
• Mailman: Idk, I think it might be funny
• Person walking a baby stroller
• Person walking a dog/cat/pet
• Jogger
• Random bystanders (common people)
•Chefs(you can hire me to work at your restraunt)
•Families of 3 and 4(groups of bystanders)
•Celebrities(when they buy food from your restraunt your popularity goes up temporarily)

Finding/Creating Soups

Exotic Ingredients

Creating Soups:
Every soup is made of 3 ingredients. When particular ingredients are put together in the kitchen, an option appears telling you to, “Mix soup”
Once a soup is mixed and created, the recipe is added in the Cookbook.

Workers-You can hire workers from the work palace to work at your soup restraunt. You have to pay them once, and then they work forever. They automatically make soup, just tell them what to make.


News Updates and Scheduling


I love the idea of being able to jump into a trash can and dumpster dive :joy:


Ooh wow :joy:
This will be lit :ok_hand:

I’d recommend you guys have a subscription so that you keep fps up, files limited and crash rate negative, otherwise you’ll be having to use many Unicode blocks which are trouble makers :joy:


Bus Stop
I’m thinking if you hang around the bus stop, a huge bus swoops across the screen to and picks you up, and then leaves. And while you are riding on the bus, the places of interest map appears, and you can choose which place to be dropped off at. Then, you just appear at that location


Are we going to make the furniture store? I just remembered that one

Quick sketch up of the Soup Shop


Yeah, maybe there can be a customer interest variable that increases as soups are sold and as furniture is purchased


Yeah, that would be great

It’d be funny to see the shop bustling with people eating soup :joy:

I was thinking a partial goal of the game is to get a 5 star review on the news paper

You could look at the newspaper in the News building, and it’d have random articles from time to time :joy:

But eventually, it’d lead up to getting your soup on the front page with 5 stars or something idk


Idk, a draggable bug. Could be used to pick you up at the bus stop :joy:

This one here is interactive (you can drag it left and right)


Sleeeeep! You must be tired :sleeping:


Helllo! You therE??!?!?! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: @BlastFusion


Even though I can’t code in HS anymore I can give ideas and example code. I would love to wrk on this


The bus can be like a fast travel spot


This sounds cool!
Is there a way i could possibly join?


Are you guys going to have NPC’s?


Maybe you could program customer’s faces to match what they thought of the soup? Like if a customer likes the soup, they could be happy, or if they dislike it, they make a “yuck” face.

I could help with any graphic design, if needed


That would be really cool


IDK…I am still not officially part of this, but I have asked


Yeah, there are people walking around that you can interact with