Super Shooter finished!


Guys I finally got this game to work right!

Welcome (finally) Super Shooter!



What’s that for? Lol


The game is cool all I have to say is maymby change the front screen and give more instructions


Yea right now it’s in its “beginning stage”. Next version will definitely have better designs and instructions to help.


The reason why it doesn’t currently is because I was having serious trouble with the coding and I wanted to give up on it. I went back into it and figured out what it was. I just wanted to get the game working first and then work on the design.


I understand (it’s not like my games look any better)


I’ve seen and played some of your games, and I think they look really good and really well made


Thank you🙃 @TheCMStudios


Since I got that working I might not take a break and start working on the designs because now I actually have something to do


That’s good to know😀it always helps to get a new game out


Btw wanna do a collab it’s ok if your to busy


Yes it really does. It can also tell me if people like it or not so I can know if I should keep working on it or not


What do you have in mind?


Oh anything really maymby a FPS


FPS? What’s that? I have no idea lol


First person shooter (I just realized that fps means frames per second lol)


Ah ok. Hmmmm… I don’t know. I would love to collab. It’s my first time so bear with me lol


Ok do you have any ideas? I’ve only done 2 collaborations


Um well no. I still don’t have any ideas or inspiration for anything yet