Super Mario Mini Games [Official] -- Just got Game Changers!



Hey, @JonnyGamer and @SuperMarioMiniGames here! And welcome to the official Super Mario Mini Games topic! Feel free to ask questions, add ideas, and hype about Nintendo

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Super Mario Mini Games!

Projects (23)

Hehe, busy uploading them!

Game Changers:
Super Mario Adventure
Super Mario Maker

Featured Projects:
Super Mario Adventure
Super Mario Extreme
Super Mario Odyssey
Coin Runners 2.0
Super Mario Maker
Coin Runners
Lakitu Drop

Project Ideas

We are constantly creating a whole bunch of ideas for games. Please help us brainstorm some too!


I made a new topic becuase I couldn’t edit the last one

New game coming out today!




yay can’t wait hehehehe


Hey there dudems, gtg
Just published my brothers huge projects, and THT will approve it soon! Can’t wait!! :smile:


okay bye jonny!
i might not be on until late tonight so ttyl!!


The espresso machine has spoken:
This topic is approved


Lol I love @Espresso.Machine

@JonnyGamer your Super Mario Mini Games account is a year old!!! Exactly!!


Woooah! Really!

@SuperMarioMiniGames oh my :ok_hand::ok_hand:

Oh wait, no, oooh! The Hopscotch account! Cooooool!!!


What not a better way to celebrate than to publish a game! Wow!
Didn’t even know it! Wow!


Well here we are boyos! :joy:
My brother has been working on this for months, I hope y’all like it!
How appropriate to post it on our 1 year anniversary on this account :joy:



I know I have already played it and it is awesome!


Thanks! I’m glad you liked it! :smile:


i’m sure it’s amazinggg! i won’t be able to see it until i get home though ://


I’m so putting the topic in watching :joy:
Eh, dudem? Please enter my comp :+1::ok_hand:


It’s so fun! @JonnnyGamer


I am going to play it tomorrow because I have to log out now, but it sounds awesome!


Thank you! :smile:
Congrats on your feature, too it’s awesome! :smile:


Thanks :ok_hand:
Hope you enjoy it :smile:


I’m watching this topic also. :joy: