Super Hexagon Collab



I'm having my first collab here, guys. :smiley: But I can't do this on my own, and as you guessed it, ---- a collab for the game Super Hexagon! Who do I need in the collab? You. By the way, that wasn't an Uncle Sam joke and I actually need as many people as possible to make the game. Also, if you didn't know Super Hexagon is a game in which you're a small triangle next to a hallow hexagon, while dodging thick edges and using walls to survive for sixty seconds.


Sorry @Zane2 Its a very bad time to make a Collab account because two hacker are on the loose and the're a threat they are saying people should d.i.e and posting curse words


@Zane2 @Gabe_N is right. I would suggest publishing and republishing, but that is if you are fine with spoilers. Good luck with the collab!


I LOVE THIS GAME!! :smile:


Okay @Gabe_N! I'll surely make it sooner. But really, I'm actually waiting for the difficulty, not the game. Sorry if that wasn't related but I just wanted to mention it.


Alright, to anyone who doesn't know what this game is, watch this!! :smile:


@Zane2 May I join? :sweat_smile:


Actually, @Zane2, do you mind if I start this game as a collaboration on MK38C, my collaboration account/studio? It's so much safer than the other clubs against hackers! I'll give you a free spot if you say yes! :wink:


post another link to it on that site, w/ the m, it's actually allowed on da skoo iPads


I'll try...

(Pro tip: KaaaaameeeeehaaaaameeeeHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!)


Here you go! (Ignore the top part, that's not in the game.)


waaaaaaat just happened!?! ok, I watched the video, and I thing that'd be difficult to program in hopscotch, or scrtach, or tynker, or whatever other block based programming language out there, how do you think you're gonna be able to do this!?!


Sure! Just make sure that it says at the top "Made by Zane
:smiley: and more" at the top!


Nothing is impossible! :sweat_smile:


And yes, you may join!


Okay! I'll start. (This is going to be hardcor e to make, but nothing is impossible!!! :wink:) Also, if you want to join my club, follow the steps in order.


On that last line (" If you want to join, follow these steps in order: ") did you mean the other people? Because earlier, you said that if I said yes you would give me a free spot and I said yes.


For everyone, I don't want hackers :wink:


Random phrase: i LiVe On LaNd, ThE lAnD wE sHaRe. BeCaUsE wE nEeD tO. Case sensitive because you said to.


You're accepted! :smile: