Super Helpful Hopscotch Tricks!



Here are some tricks I wanted to share with everyone!

I have already said this but to find the exact center of the screen use SET POSITION X=(iPad)width/2 Y=(iPad)height/2

The screen is exactly 1024 (X) by 768 (Y)

Want to move by a negative value but it is already set to being positive? Use a multiplication block, type in -1 in the first square and pull in the value block in the second! Voila! This has no effect in the value afterwards and it will go back to being positive after it has done this!

When using a value or a random block with places to type numbers to draw colors, DARK PURPLE in the top left square is 0, not 1! WHITE in the bottom right square is 23

You can drag in blocks that don't pop up when you click on them. For example, you can choose colors by number (see above) by dragging in a random block with the spots to type numbers. That ways if you only want 4 colors to be used, but at random, you can control that!

If you already knew these tricks, GREAT FOR YOU! But please to keep the reply section from not getting to long, don't share that! I wrote these for people who didn't already know them as a chance to help them learn. But, if they were helpful, please let me know!

Enjoy and happy Hopscotching!


Awesome tricks!
I really liked the center trick.


It took me a while to learn the color one. Great Job! I really love this. :grinning::grinning::smile_cat::smile_cat:


Thanks @KathrynJaneway and @TromaxTheDestroyer! I really appreciate it!