Super glitchy Activity Tab


Ok, so my :heart: Drawing says it has 5 likes,
But in my activity tab, only one person liked it!


Your picture isn't loading for me.


The picture isn't working. I personally hope it goes back down, it's more annoying than helpful


Ok back now :yum:
And it is kind of annoying tbh too @Poptart0219


The picture works. OMG THATS ME LOOK!!!! Wait, ToasterRebellion is on? She's never on. I'm happy :unamused:


Lol yep that is you!
And yea, I miss TR, she was one if my fave hopscotchers ever :cry:


Same! I hope she's working on her t-phone!


Aw, I hate when stuff like that happens :frowning:
I had no idea you knew her irl though


Oh we do, she showed me hopscotch :wink:


I'm sorry for you! I thought you guys were BFFs. You guys seem so nice though!


It was recent. Yeah, first it's "omg I love you!" Next it's "get away from me, leech!" :frowning: oh well.


Okay, I don't want to get away from the initial point.


Right, back on topic!

Anyways, this has happened to me too.
Question #1
Did you have any likes right after you published it?
Question #2
Did this happen to you before?

And that's it!


Yes and
Actually this problem is solved, I just needed to give the tab 16 minutes, but it is kinda laggy. I don't blame it though


I liked it I think 8 seconds after it was published :sweat_smile:


Ok cool! So it's just a lag.