Super fast pixel art


Hi guys I just wanted to ask how to do super fast pixel art bcz I know the basic pixel art but I have seen someone on HS having this really fast one so yeahh… (If this is in the wrong category plz inform me, thx!)


What type of pixels are you looking to have? Like do you want perfect square pixels or the squares with rounded corners?


What’s the difference between the rounded square and perfect square? (As in, which one is faster and which one is easier?) :yum:


Either way, both could work…


You could ask @Dylan329 or @BB-Box (or somebody else of course). Those two people have great methods for this, if I am correct?


K thanx @William04GamerA but r dey on or wut? Plz ask dem to check dis topic, thx!


Hey @ArtisticCoder


No, they aren´t, but as I tagged them, they will probably check out this topic as soon as possible.


Check this out. I made a tutorial on how to make it.


Yes, thx for the difference explaination @DMF


Does this involve perfect or rounded squares? @BB-Box




Kk thank you a lot just one more question, are rounded squares easier to do or more difficult? Bcz smh ik dat the perfect square one involves turning the dot by 90 degrees 4 times or somefin like dat…


To make a round pixel, you need the following code:

Repeat Times 4

Move Forward (size of the pixel)
Turn 90 degrees


So wat I said was kinda wrong?


You were right, I think??


Reason I created this topic was bcz I hate the way the pixels go so slow in regular pixel art

You should check my prof on HS, im BestCoderInTheWorld :earth_africa: I made a Chat Noir pixel art (or u can just search for it)


Did you put

Set Speed 99999999999999999



No, I think I’ll try it. Once im done, ill tell you how it went


I think you need a separate text for every line using this code, right? Bcz I learnt pixel art through THT’s tutorial and it doesn’t use separate texts…