Super Confused About "Subscription"


I'm very confused. Are they making a new app that you have to pay for, or is it an update that costs money? My iPad updates automatically, so will I pay automatically? And, does that mean that my version won't be updated anymore, and I won't be able to play any of the new projects with pictures?


It's a bunch of new features within the same free app i think


I think if you subscribe, you get emails about hopscotch. If you want to get updates you have to pay


I'm still really confused. Where did everyone learn about this?


Really!? I guess I have to quit.


There is new projects with pictures? Wait waht???


Liza mentioned it before on a topic I think


I mean thats what people mean when they subscribe to a website. You get updates and info about hopscotch.


Not yet!
Pictures is one of the new features in the update!
That I probably won't be able to use.. ;-;


Wait.... they are allowing people to post pictures?


I'm sooooo confused
Right nowwwwww


So am I. Im soo confuzzled its not fuzzy.


Yes. I'm kind of tearing up right now. I've used hopscotch for as long as I can remember. I know, I sound like a fake, but it's true.
I guess I can stay with the un-updated version, but I'll probably just get bored, and leave. :frowning:


No, you only need to pay if you want to get the new features which are uploading your own pictures, getting a custom avatar. Also, there will be future updates that add new stuff to the free version


Yes, correct. But all pictures will be reviewed by THT before publication


Soooo, how do you post pictures?!?!?! I neeed to know!!



There will be a new feature in hopscotch to upgrade to an paid subscription. This subscription will get you pictures and other features! You have to pay 8 dollars a month I think.

I think I'm getting it!


You have to buy the paid version to upload! It comes out tommorow.


Whattt?!?!? Oh grate. I don't think thats fair. Now people are going to talk and brag about that feature.