Super Bowl topic


Yes Ik that there’s another topic. But it was closed due to flags and won’t open for another 4 hrs. So by that time, the super bowl will be over.

what can we do on here?

Talk about plays that are happening, talk abt commercials, argue about what team is better, talk about puppy bowl, halftime show, fav teams, nfl teams that aren’t in the super bowl, fav players, throw shade towards certain player or team, get in arguments, make polls, get mad about certisn plays, basically anything

Yes y’all can argue but pls don’t flag bc then it will be closed If the Arguments get rly bad, we can tell them stop. But friendly rivalries are ok :ok_hand::ok_hand:



Since when are rivalries friendly


U a eagles fan??

Bc if u r then we don’t have a friendly rivalry lmao


I don’t like either of the teams


i made her secretly go for the patriots

let’s goooo patriotssssss


All of which is true


I wish Viks were there.

But hey who else saw dat solo movie trailer?


I regret


The Solo trailer though!


When is the super bowl


right now

2nd quarter I believe


Oh well I’m late
Eh I’ll just hear the juice later


■■■ was that turbo tax ad shook


snkrs app releasing jordan tinkers today during halftime i think im tryna get a pair


The commercials have been weird…so normal


Yeah lol those have been one of the weirdest…also the M&M commercials


that was funny


Hehe Skol Vikings :joy:
(Minneapolis Miracle voted best play of the year :ok_hand:)


I am definitely rooting for the Eagles.


i’m definitely rooting for the patriots