Super Bowl Project?


So, I just had an idea that we could do a Super Bowl Project which is the (American) Football Championships. Art comp? Game? I need ideas!


Hmm...Good idea! Maybe you could do a news column with pros and cons of both teams...


You could also make a separate collab account...


Hmmm seems interesting


@LazyLizard while were on the topic of foortball I am the parralell opposite of lazy. I'm a Ravens and Seahawks Fan rooting for the Panthers


I'm for the Steelers, Patriots and my favorite team is the Broncos.
I live in "Pantherville" and it's hard to cheer for the Broncos!
Oh, and what are the plans for the project?


Sounds cool! I'm really only watching it for the commercials :stuck_out_tongue: buy I don't care who winemaker though I would prefer Panthers


@lazylizard789 right all we've done is whats on this topic, its a raw idea