Super Bowl Contest! Current Status: 5 3D Football Spots Left, 4 Logo Spots Left



Hey, forum community!

I'm going to host a Super Bowl Contest!

The way this contest works is that you chose to make either a 3D football or your team's logo out of shapes, at least 2 members have to make 3D footballs and at least 3 have to make their team's logo for the contest to begin.

Only 5 members maximum to make 3D footballs and 5 members maximum to make their team's logo will be accepted.

If you want to join, say SuperBowl123 with what you want to make with it, example:
SuperBowl123 Team Logo.

Post your link when you're done, the winner will get a big surprise prize!


This sounds really cool!


@RubyWolf1 do you want to join?


I don't know much about super bowl so I don't know


Super Bowl 123 Logo


It's okay! All you have to do to join, @RubyWolf1, is make a team logo or a 3D Football. You don't need to a lot about the super bowl!
If you really want to know what the super bowl is:
Super Bowl starts at 6:30 est. time (it's in CA) and is between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers. The super bowl is important because it is the championship of all championships, teams play 16 regular season games which then determines the teams seed. Not all teams make it to the playoffs, but the teams that do play a tournament to see who is the best. Watch this


Ok I'll do it I guess


@UptownStudios you're in! We just need to wait until 2 more people join for logos, and 2 to join for 3D Football.
So I've gotta tag, tag, tag

A Big Tag List



Sorry, but I'm not interested in football. I've also asked this before, but please don't tag me unless you think I can contribute to the conversation.


Can't help with this, I can't make logos or 3D stuff, Sorry


I can't do it I'm holding a contest a collab and I'm in another super bowl collab


I don't really watch or like American Football


@RubyWolf1, do you want to make a 3D Football or a team logo?


Why are you replying to me when you're talking to @RubyWolf1?


Oops... I thought I was replying to you. Sorry.


ill join! sounds fun!


Don't tag me unless it's for polls, please!


I will try. Go Pats!:slightly_smiling:


Tag me for polls only please!


Don't tag me unless I'd be interested plz
(I'd be interested in music)