Super Bowl 2016 Party!



Hi! Many of the people here wanted a party today, so let's try one!

We'll do this as much as we can!


Maybe we can go a little off topic when it's over.


Horary!!!!!!! I Love It!!!!!!!! But How Is It Hopscotch Related?


i'm not too sure about this.... maybe ask kiwicute or buildasnowman? i love the idea tho!!


This might seem dum.b but what's super bowl? I'm Australian I've never heard of it sorry




OKay soo a super bowl is the biggest us football game of the yer. the too best teams of the season make it and this year its panthers broncos. soo its mainly just a huge football game here in america!


Ok............... I have no idea what this is (I'm probably super unpopular now)


Ok I probably didn't know it because I'm an Aussie (feel so left out)


its ok! their might even be a live stream play on youtube so u might be able to watch it!!
heres googles deff.
the National Football League championship game, played annually between the champions of the National and the American Football Conferences.


@Kiwicute2016 said Super Bowl is not a big holiday so don't do a party! (Sorry if I sound bossy!)


Yeah that's true @Huggingfluffybear


It's not really a big deal for me


But party's are only allowed by @moderators or @admins!


I'm so confused now. Well I got to go to bed now


so true @Huggingfluffybear
okay im going back too bed. its 4:30 a,m


But it's 7:30 in the morning!


It's bed for everyone! Wow it's 7:30 a.m for me!


No it's 11:01 pm here have to get some rest


Wow well I half to get of the couch and eat breakfast! BOT


I always miss out on stuff when I'm sleeping....... It stinks :sweat::sweat: