Super bored need ideas


I actually kinda wish I went to summer school today. Wait! Nm! I take dat back! Anyways, I'm not actually doing anything until 1:00 central time, so I have about an hour. I need ideas! How do you people get your ideas?? For instance, trail art senpais @SmilingSnowflakes @Bananadog @Maltese @IShallNotBeNamed how do you get ur ideas? How long does it take to create the masterpiece??!!,!?!? Anyways, look at my profile for strengths and weaknesses. Thanks a bunch!


Thanks for tagging me! ;u;

I get my ideas from the Internet. XD

I also code items that I see around me! c:

Examples: Taco, Nutella, Umbrella, Sun :3


Btw thanks for the bio tag!


How long does it take for U to code it? Just to get a general idea.


May be trail art some emojis :sunglasses::art:


About a day, If I don't have a general idea of how to code it. :0

About 7-8 hours if I do. :3

I'm so busy, so I can never get time to code -- that's why I publish every 3-4 days. :0


You are really amazing, ur a senpai of course



Thanks so much, but you're the one who's amazing lol ;u;

And senpai ;u;




Wow, thanks for tagging me! I'm a trail art Senpai? :00000


I usually take around two hours to make a simple-ish trail art, maybe 8-10 for a harder one! (My MP one took a long time because there were so many smol details.) :000 :D

I haven't made a lot of trail arts, but here a few things I get my ideas from:

  • cute stuff! People like kawaii and just...cute trail arts in general!
  • Look on the Internet for ideas! There are so many different pictures and stuff you can base your project off of!
  • look around you! Do you have a cool plant you want to make? Your favorite stuffed animal? Code your favorite things!

That's all, I hope you have fun making a trail art! Good luck!!! :D




Don't you mean




But that's your trademark lol

It would've been a good idea though xD


Ur MP one made you a trail art senpai in addition to ur art senpai. :0


Aw, thank you! That really means a lot!!!!! :D
psst. I can't use ";u;" because @Maltese uses it so much. It's her trademark. :900000000 XD


How I get my ideas...

Method 1: Looking at things around me! Colored pencils, markers, foods, tools, I like to code things around me! :D
Just look around and find something, then find a way to code that something!

Method 2: Browsing the Internet! You could find some things to code, or even just some inspiration. :D

Method 3: Things I like! Go through the things you like, find something to code or even just some ideas and inspiration! :D

Method 4: Random stuff! Idk just think of random stuff, you'll come up with something inspiring or an idea. :D

Method 5: Drawing! Try to code something you drew, it's fun! Or draw something to code. :D

How long it takes...

A couple of hours to weeks! It doesn't really matter how long it takes, though. What matters, is the creator's satisfaction with the finished creation. :D



Isn't my trademark 'c:' XD

Or 'C:<' XD


Mine are…
On your encyclopaedia :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh, I look at people's usernames for shoutout trail art, and random google images I like for random trail art. Sometimes I just make things up, too. Good luck. :)


I'm not a very big hopscotcher, but my hopscotch username is Stepscotch and I do very unique projects with most of my inspiration coming from UnderagedCoder1 and ThatOneGuyCreations