Sup my dudes! (Ella)


Hold them Flags! Since I’m a new user, getting flagged will out me in hold! So if u don’t like me or don’t agree w what I’m saying then pls don’t flag. Feel free to voice ur opinion, whether it’s positive or negative but don’t flag my response. Thanks

Ok so basically my other account was put on hold again. Kinda ironic bc of the username. So I think it was put on hold bc i got a bunch of flags. But like not my fault I didn’t know that posting the OMTL was gonna b flagged

Anyways, anybody can read this, and I would like everyone to read it, but pls don’t flag. Flagging is going against what this whole topic is about.

So now that’s out of the way, I would like all of us to forgive and forget. I feel like once u have been suspended once, ur never forgiven. Ur always thought of as a “bad kid”. Ask @Currency5097193 , I bet she will support what I said. Well maybe liza forgave her but not me. I forgave liza but idk if she forgave me

So anyways I’m asking for forgiveness. Let’s start over. If u choose to not forgive me then I rly won’t care lol

Credit: @Mr.rex for the forgive and forget idea

Idk what category to out this in so pls don’t flag me. I’m new to this layout

I tried putting it in " random" but it wouldn’t let me for some reason…

Some photos

Credit to @shamrockcat @treefrogstudios @MiNi and many others


I respect what you think, I also think people should learn to apologize

It’s not letting you post in the random catagory because it was locked to basics and under, so they don’t instantly be off topic apparently


I completely forgive you. You’re not a bad kid at all, and we should all move past the past.


Aye thanks

Ur not a bad kid either ahah


I’m getting lots of likes

I wonder what the most likes ever is


Thanks :P


Nppppp my dude hahaha


Hi Ella :smiley: remember me?



Sup dude

How’s life


Boring tbh. What about you?


Same lol

School starts on Wednesday


Hi, Ella! I forgive you…


Yeah, I hate when people get flagged too much when they don’t even know what they did wrong. I also hate when people just stick around bushes and jump out at innocent forumers to flag them. It’s mean how they just are stalking the forum, and every day they need to flag someone at least once to live. Sorry if I’m offending anyone, I’m just saying stating my feelings and I’m sorry, please forgive me.


Cool. Excited?

Do you still have HS btw?


Well not rly bc I’m gonna miss summer lol. But I’m getting a new trampoline so it’s all good

Also, I have hs on my school iPad but I can’t use it bc mynshcoop hasn’t updated the app in forevs




Ooh nice. Be careful on there - trampolines are evil.

And thats a shame


Hi Ella! I’ve missed you. Hopefully nobody will flag this topic.


Thanks for putting me in your post! I’m glad you read it. Again I repeat, New account means a new first impression


Sure I forgive you, and also you should charge your phone soon (it’s on 1%)