SunkM-Productions's GT | I have a Google+ account now... that’s a thingy



Watch out of guys named Aariv and Hopscbot. They enforce the rules, and it annoys everyone…


Seems annoying as f!! I m not sure if I can swear here OwO


Not really. If you’re gonna. Sensor or space it out. If you send it plain it’ll not tell you “YOU CANT USE THAT WORD”.


I heard it censors a lot of normal words too XD


Hey, I don’t really have a profile picture, could you help me choose one? Like search it up or something
Cuz I s.uck at drawing LOL


Yeah. It’s annoying. Like you can’t say d.umb, st.upid, and c.rap


That’s really d.umb! (See what I did there? X3)


What do you want it to be?


Anything, maybe anime my little pony or furries? I like them all :3


Go to your settings.




If you don’t kniw how. I’ll show you some screenshots


I found my settings but I don’t ahve a picture


Browse up the thing you want to be your profile picture


Ok, thx for the help! Gotta go now sorry


Alright… see yea then.



What Is In CGs google docs? A horror story in many parts

@Glowwy go on s.kype!


No. It is not me. It is my friend. So dont you piss off my friend.


go does it anyway because I’m a big