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@SunkM-Productions, may i ask why your ipad wallpaper is my pixel art, lol?


Ummm… I didn’t know it was yours…


He is not a bad person.


I swear. I didn’t know it was yours!


i don’t really care, but it was awkward when i was watching your vid.


I know that feeling, I guess. But it was cool enough to end up there, that’s me for ya.


stop. you’re not gonna get any special attention from being on a kids forum.
also, movie? wth you talking about,kid

in conclusion, you are delusional.


uh this is not an animation buuuttttt…
pfft you sound like my best friends friend


Look. If you only have F.UCKING INSULTS to say. Don’t say anything.


Is that youtuber you? If so. I found your channel and time to spam you!


Lol I sent a request


Hai!!! I just randomly entered this topic cuz it was on latest! You look like a cool guy, wanna be friends? :3




Plz reply @SunkM-Productions!!i see that u r on >:3


Me? Idk… I mean. I’m a bad influence here…


Who cares!! Other ppl should know that the internet isn’t a kid friendly place so why even bother
And u r rly cool!! Own yt channel and all


Name all the things that make me cool…


I mean, it’s seeming you just knew about me…


I’ve read some of ur posts before I could reply(new member stuff :\ )
You’re not afraid to be yourself!! That’s the coolest thing on this site


Finally someone who understands!