SunkM-Productions's GT | I have a Google+ account now... that’s a thingy



No, because I don’t care about it.


Uhh what am I supposed to do on there


See if there is any bad comments. Stuff like that!


Is what confirmed?! Did someone say something was confirmed?


Is what confirmed!? What do you mean!?


Who is that person?! Why’d you tag him?.!!!?


Why are you tagging random people?! gets my sheild to protect me


Ah okay


You tag the omtl five times a day which is made up of random people


I’ll make you moderator now!


Ahaha I can’t take on that responsibility sorry
I can try I guess?


I’ll take care of it mostly.


you mean you don’t care about telling me something you will always deeply regret


I can’t think of anything to make a video about sorry buddy :))

I guess I could make weird trailers and stuff on iMovie but idk what that would be


@SunkM-Productions: as the fifth most popular current user, you should be a good example. Please stop all filter evasion in your bio. Thank you.


it’s jyggalag’s time, and not a good time at all. you’re going to help me stop it. first, though, you need to get your feet wet.


you should be off like the wind, solving problems and doing good deeds! but no! you decide to invade my privacy and stalk me like a frenzied jackrabbit. it’s okay though. I never really liked that pelagius fellow anyhow.


I see you have completed my little errand. well done. perhaps you’ve gotten a taste of madness aswell? do not believe madness to be a curse, mortal. For some it is the greatest of blessings. a bitter mercy perhaps, but mercy non the less.


It’s a robot


give me that spoon of horripilation. I believe I have something more suitable for your needs. go now. remember what you have seen.