SunkM-Productions's GT | I have a Google+ account now... that’s a thingy



@SunkM-Productions sunkyboiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii play eso with me or die


I don’t have a hopscotch account


Are you
On the
Hopscotch forum?




Mmso you just found this random website and made an account?


ayyyyy no that would be noice but no. I hopscotched in early 2015 and then quit some time after
I just felt like joining the forum because I found Hopscotch in the list of apps I didn’t use on my iPad and I thought hey why not


Well that’s what I was asking in the beginning
What was yer old account


me no tell
unless you private message me or something
because. that account was awful and terrible and it must be confined forever inside a locked chest inside a deep underwater cave enclosed by sharp rocks


How does one even private message on here
But my accounts were cringier


you can’t pm on here :)))))))))))))))))))))))


So where should I private message you >:)))
Also yes you can I just don’t know how


you can buy the game elder scrolls online for the small fee of 20 dollars


Oh very funny I can’t download any apps right now
Also to pm on here one person has to have a tag list


or roblox
I still have it on my ipad
I actually created a new account a couple days ago because mY cOuSiN wAnTeD mE tO pLaY rObLoX wItH hEr

((also eso is not an app :<<<<))


I can’t get roblox now cuz it’s an app

Oh well but I’m broke :,)


you don’t happen to have
do you??


if you don’t I can link you a whiteboard
but it will probably be invaded


Roblox is a website too heyyy
Can’t dm on a website instagram
Just doesn’t work


But I’ll try yo on roblox jiijjj


WHAT is ur username roblox