Summers Back, Hialus is back! (Again)

Wow. Its been a very stressful time for us in middle school. We graduated now! :smiley: About our general topic (which was closed for some reason) @t7lks if you could tell me why.) Im not sure we have the same inspiration to create what we promised in our general topic. Big apologies :frowning: Definitely though, Healthier World Tycoon will continue to be developed. We should be more active. We dont know what to expect from high school, so we may or may not be active when the school year comes back. Thanks for all the support from you all! I was looking at our past notifications!

Edit 1: We may do subway simulator as we have much progress with it.


Welcome back!

Good luck in high school!

All GTs were closed.
This is why. There’s now one code general discussion topic for everyone, and a general project updates topic for everyone.


Says i dont have access to those topics


Oh oof, that’s because you don’t have the member badge yet.

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Here’s the member requirements


Welcome back! We have done some changes to the forum, as you could see. @tankt2016 gave you a pretty good introduction to that. Tag me or anyone else if you have any questions! We have community leaders now too!