Summer/Winter Contest


Uh I am making a winter contest so make something wintery.
Or summer if’s it’s summer for you. even though that will make us all jealous
So yeah. Uhhhhh I would like people to judge the projects? And to join just post a project before January fifth.

I guess I have to make a form. Right?

To judge

Who are you?
Why do you want to judge?
Do you think @KVJ is awesome?
Why do I need a form?

List Of judges so I don’t forget

Literally no one. HopscotchRemixer Kayro




I am a traitor,


Can you reserve a time so people in CUH don’t use the same time?


Call it Winter/Summer contest?


Why? Should one of the questions be is @DMF better than panthera? Because the obvious answer is yes.


No, because I expected to create it. It’s a part of my todo list.


(Although I still think one of the questions should be “is DMF better than Panthera?”)


No. It would be weird,


We had other ideas too…remember. Hehe, let’s put Nindroid to shame XD


No, I’ll give him a chance…




This is meant a joke…l actually want to judge. My name is @HopscotchRemixer


That a challenge? Mwahaha. We could just use one of our other ideas…Mr. prez had a few good ones.


Judge practicing… yey