Summer Team Topic! (For the extremely huge seasons contest!)


Crazy-cake here, this is the topic for me and the other summer group members,

Summer: @TheGreenBanana, @smishsmash, @William04GamerA, @happyfacegirl, @RainbowGalaxy, @StRiKe_Charler123, @StarryDream

To talk about the project, plan it out, etc!


Great Job! I hope your partners come soon!


Yeah, a lot are probably asleep rn :D

Or not on da forum rn! :D


Yea. Oh well, Good Luck! Keep this in mind. I will regularly checking on to your topic to make sure everything's ok. And if you need help on anything, you can always tag me! Also, if you are making a collab account, please tell me the password, so I can check your projects!



Thanks, @DreamerGirl :D


Read my post in the original contest topic.


I read it :D


But I might be here and help with some small things.




Are we using a collab account or what?


I don't know yet :D


What's the 'extremely huge seasons contest'?


It's that ^^^


I :heart:️ SUMMER!

Coz now it's winter in mai place and winter is so COOOOOOOOOOLD!


When did I enter for this?


When you vote the poll, your entered! :D
You voted summer in the poll!




Ok guys! Please start deciding on your project @TheGreenBanana, @smishsmash, @William04GamerA, @happyfacegirl, @RainbowGalaxy, @StRiKe_Charler123, @StarryDream, let's get going!



We should start :D

What do you think we should make for our project? :D

You can tell some ideas bellow, I'll make them into a poll so we can vote!


We could do pixel art, scenery/background, game of some sort or a mix of all? These ideas are just base ideas, I'm not going into detail yet because I think we should maybe vote on the base of the project, then vote on ideas with more detail (eg. 1st vote game wins and then 2nd vote save the sun wins, idk.) Those are my ideas for now, I will see if I can come up with more.