Summer Slam Coding Competition!



Hi, this is SportyGeographer! (Who will continue this contest on the account GameCodingCrazy123.)

This is a coding competition where two people (say me and MagmaPOP) code a project related to the topic of the week (say cats [man I want to say catz]).

Everybody else (the ones who aren’t coding in that match) will be judges! When you enter, please go on the forum and post the link in this topic.

Don’t be a bad sport though, you will lose points for that! For the judges, rate the project on a scale of one to ten, and say why you gave that rating.

This competition will have a double elimination format, which means if you lose 2 times, you are eliminated.

Just ask me if you want to join!


SportyGeographer (forum account: @GameCodingCrazy123)
tankt2016 (the girl, who will now keep this account; the boy is moving to the account noted above)


I have a summer camp, and I am pretty busy at the moment, so I can’t enter this, unfortunately. Sorry. Also, I know that you have been gone for a while, and did you know that @MagmaPOP left?


Can I be a judge?
– girl
(ya gotta see dat)


Whoops, didn’t read the whole post. Then…
Can I participate?
– girl


Yes, I just used an example.

Mass tag list

@Milkypup lol


Did you know that you just can type @OMTL now in order to tag an always up-to-date Official Mass Tag List? @POMTL is the group to use for project feedbac (with a k at the end) and more related to Hopscotch projects (it stands for Project Official Mass Tag List).


Dude that’s outdated


…does it have to be on HS?




@omtl I thought that was gone.


Dude… edit the first post


Well, can’t do it then!


May I join please? I love a little competition!


Can I join? I have never been in one before,but I am looking forward to code for a competition!


Both of you can join!

Competition Members



When does it start? It’s time to code!


There needs to be at least 12 members.




Do you want to join, @kvj