Summer Showdown (Comp)



Hello! This is Awkward Today I’m announcing a summer competition!(Just a bit too late). Even though my Harry Potter comp is on I decided Summer as well! Here you can make any project! There’s just a few rules

•Project can’t be published before 24th of July
•No RP or Innapropiate Projects
•No Project Published since 18th of August
•Try your best!

Competition ends 18th August 4PM (England time) Put a link to your project down here



1st Place-A Game Of Your choice and A random project from me, A follow, Loads of likes!, A project from each of the Judges and Follows and likes from them too!

2nd Place-A Game from me, A follow 25 likes, A project from a judge of your choice and A follow from all of them.

3rd Place- A follow,15 likes from all of them

Cool Right! Say below if you want to be a judge and sown here I’ll add them!

@Liza Am I allowed to do this as I’m not a regular anymore? Tell me if I am!

Good luck!



I think you are allowed to do it :wink:


Do you want to be a judge or enter?


Does anyone want to join?


What do I have to code?

Is it just ANY project?


Yep any project to do with summer


Okay. But it might not be good because I stopped hopscotch for a while and I don’t know how to use the new hopscotch :joy:


Ok! Just Try your best!


I’m going off now Bye




The tag list isn’t probably outdated in both topics. Just tag @OMTL in the post you want people to see.

FYI, that’s breaking the two guidelines mentioned above.


Sorry I won’t do it again


You just broke one. It has to be in the post you want people to see. (Probably the top one.)


Sorry Again! I am annoyed by myself now!


Eh. You haven’t been here in a while. Like, not since I was @Themasterofairjitzu.


Thanks! Do you want to be a judge? Or competing?


Also if you want for fist place you can ask for a custom tittle prize from @t1_hopscotch


The funny thing is, Its winter here in Australia!


Here is what I have done so far:
If the video is blurry, Change the quality at the top


Thanks! You could even do a game where you have got to switch winter to summer! Get Inspiration wherever you are!