Summer’s Here! Code It!



Code It!

Code your favorite thing about summer! Is it going to the beach if you live by the ocean? Is it swimming in a pool? Is it bicycling in a nearby park?
Whatever it is, code a trail art or game out of it! You may also draw a picture on a drawing pad. Do it however you want!


1. Follow all the rules.
2. If you break a rule, refer to Rule 1.

Actual Rules

1. In your project, which can be a trail art, game, drawing, etc., you mustn’t have anything inappropriate or mean.
2. Your project should be pro-summer. And it should be related to summer, unless it’s another season where you live. So, no snow or anything! Unless you live in Alaska or another snowy place or are taking an unusual summer vacation. ; )
3. No getting over-competitive and trash-talking or anything.
4. Your project entry mustn’t have been made before I created this contest (June 21).
5. No copying or stealing.

Contest Deadline

The deadline for the contest is August 31. Then I will bring in the squirrel judges!
Just kidding, I’ll make a multiple-choice poll.


Hint 3: U _ _ k i _ _ _ _ ! _ _ _

How To Enter

Simply reply to this post saying, “I’m entering.”
When you have finished your project, post a screenshot of it on here or tell me the name of it.


1st Place: A like on his or her winning project, a follow from my secret account, a drawing request, a trail art request from William04GamerA, spam likes on the forum, and, if the winner wants, a request for a forum account profile picture!
2nd Place: A like on his or her winning project, a follow from my non-secret account, a drawing request, a trail art request from William04GamerA, and some spam likes on the forum!
3rd Place: A like on his or her winning project, a drawing request, and spam likes on the forum!
Honorable Mention: A like on his or her project and spam likes on the forum!



I will also be posting summertime polls.
Good luck, thanks if you entered, and…

May the Hopscotchers’ votes be ever in your favor!

– tankt2016 (girl)


I’m entering. #flamingpotatos


Okay!! Why does a post have to be twenty characters?!!


I’m entering:

I love the sunsets at my summerhouse. The house is close to a lake. The only thing separating the two is a forest and a small road. Watching the sun set between the trees is just so beautiful! I plan taking out a camera to photograph this some day.

While the project I made turned out good, I will try to make the sun a gradient and to make the background look a little nicer than it does. Here’s my entry though, I’ll let you know if I change anything.


I’m entering!!! (Soon. I haven’t actually posted my project for this yet. I will though soon.) I WILL BE ENTERING!!!


You do know there’s already a Summer Coding Contest, right?


Yes, but this is my own.


I love your description and project your project is excellent!
You’re in. Just alert me if you change it before the end of the contest! ; )


Okay! Deadline is August 31. : D

Like this: <lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala>


Guys, please stop with the random off-topic stuff.


No, this <> makes the text between it invisible.


This topic is not about invisible text.
It is a coding competition. You may join if you want to.


Got it. I should’ve posted it in your GT. I like this idea… I’ll post a project if I have time…

(BTW, I am hoping to be live streaming soon)


Okay! I probably should’ve done that too in the first place. : )


I entered!

I really enjoy eating icey-poles in summer!


Okay! : )
You’re in! If you add any updates to your project, just say so!


Can I please enter?

Please? :cry:


No exceptions for the theme. You started the off-topic stuff. And if I let you do this, nobody will follow the theme rule.

But a flaming potato is a pretty funny project!


Too bad. Bleh. faling trumpet sound