Summer Revolution!



School is starting soon, and summer will slowly drift away. Along with it summer projects and drawings. So, before it ends, make a bunch of summer projects! Post them here for everyone to see!

Teh awesome OMTL



Lol my holidays only started last week :joy:


You tagged me lol :joy:



I start school in two and a half weeks!


Yeah well y'all got off way before me so fair's fair




Wait your school got out a week ago?! When does the break end


September :stuck_out_tongue:


Ur mi snurds! Why? ;0; ;o;


:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: no way! Ours is the end of May to August 16th. You might be lonely in the forum with everyone in school...


Meh I've got my Brit squad!

And Durr you got off MAY!

Ours are not really Summer hols, there more Summer-Autumn Hols…lols


Do you have winter break?


My hols are from June to August 15.


Yeah but only 2 weeks…


Same! Dude that's a lot!


Well about 11 weeks off in total…


I like school. I don't like summer


I get what you mean :confused:


Do you like it (summer)


I like holidays, because I can do sleeping, pandiculation and procrastinating…

But end of year == YOURE GETTING OLDER to me…